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On Sunday 5th July we will see an Eclipsed Full Thunder Moon in Capricorn! Also known as the Buck Moon, this will be the third (of four) Penumbral Lunar Eclipses in 2020 which is when around 90% of the Moon’s Disc (at its maximum) will be shaded by the Earth which will result in a slight shadow gradient across the Moon.

Eclipsed Full Thunder Moon

Let Go of the Past!

When a Full Moon is experiencing an Eclipse it means that your emotions and your relationships are put into much sharper focus and tensions and pressures may be felt. Your feelings of intuition and your “antennae” of what’s going on in your life are much stronger which allows you clarity, objectivity and insight and the ability to let go of the past to make way for the future.

Mercury Star Planners Astrology

Mercury & Uranus positive aspect

There are positive planetary influences around this Full Moon which bring excitement, buzz and increased levels of communication. The two planets Mercury and Uranus are in a positive aspect at this time – Mercury rules Communication and links Thinking, Words, Actions and Results – Uranus (the Co-Ruler of Aquarius) brings Progressive and Original thought processes to the fore with Inventive, Futuristic and Unpredictable changes.

Star Planners Astrology Capricorn


With an Eclipsed Full Thunder Moon in Capricorn we will feel the influence of disciplined ambition combined with perseverance, determination and stability. Capricorn is known as the ‘Rock of the Zodiac’ but with Saturn, its ruler, currently in Retrograde, there are lessons to be learned and stark realities to be faced for us all to learn from, including facing our fears and overcoming them in order to move forward. Saturn will go Direct in Capricorn on 29th September 2020.

Star Planners Astrology Jupiter

Jupiter Conjunct Full Moon

But there is hope and happiness in the air because Jupiter, the planet of Optimism, Wisdom and Growth through Exploration will be united (Conjunct) with this Full Moon which will allow us to believe in a favourable outcome, come what may.

The Full Moon in pragmatic astrology represents the completion of a cycle, finalising plans and making way for new beginnings. With our topsy-turvy world currently messing with all of our emotions it will provide us with the opportunity to press the ‘Reset’ button and look forward to some seismic changes as we move closer to our full entry into the Age of Aquarius.

With love, light and resilience, Stevie xx

PS – Remember to charge your SPA Zodiac Gemstone Jewellery in the light of the Full Moon xx