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We have an Action Packed New Moon arriving this evening, 3rd June, in the Zodiac sign Gemini. This New Moon will allow us to consider fresh starts, the commencement of new projects and the identification of anything that has held us back!

New Moon Star Planners Astrology

New Moon in Gemini

This fabulous Action Packed New Moon is all about personal growth and optimism. Sometimes it can feel very daunting to start new projects, to venture into unknown territory and start afresh. But if we seize this time to question what has gone before and to not repeat bad habits, we will liberate ourselves to start again with a fresh and positive mindset.

Star Planners Astrology Gemini


Whatever your plans are, use the influence of the Zodiac sign Gemini, with its quick thinking, clever and sociable tendencies to help with your levels of communication, observation and imagination. This New Moon will help you focus on self-awareness, reinforcing a self-assured presence building up an image of how good, efficient and simpatico you are.

With this Action Packed New Moon you will see the world through your own eyes, so don’t be disappointed if others don’t react the way you want them to – they’re working on themselves too, so mutual respect is what is needed. Work openly and honestly leaving any areas of self-deception behind.

Welcome this Action Packed New Moon into your life and realise that anything is possible if you believe in yourself.

Wishing you wonderful New Moon influences.
Shine Brightly! Stevie xx