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A Powerful New Moon Arrives in Scorpio – On Sunday, 15th November a powerful New Moon enters the zodiac sign of Scorpio. It seems everything is happening in Scorpio at the moment with the Sun, Mercury and now the New Moon within this fabulous astrological energy. But what does it mean for all of us?

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Powerful New Moon in Scorpio

A Powerful New Moon Arrives in Scorpio – During the New Moon phase, the Sun and Moon join forces to create the most powerful thrust of new energy because of their identical degrees in the Zodiac. It is a marriage of strength and emotion to get things started and to make strong leaps of faith in the way forward.

A Powerful New Moon in Scorpio

The Phases of the Moon

Just as the Full Moon brings things to a climax, so the New Moon represents the start of something new and exciting. This is the time to map out what it is you’re looking to achieve in the days and weeks ahead and how you’re going to make it happen.

A Powerful New Moon in Scorpio – With the New Moon being in Scorpio whatever you do you need to do with the utmost integrity. This zodiac sign requires total transparency and honesty in its interactions and anything less will not succeed.

A Powerful New Moon in Scorpio

Trust, Honesty & Integrity

So whether it’s a new business project, a relationship or self development project, be totally honest with yourself; be true to yourself and make sure there’s no self delusion going on! This is going to be essential at this time if you are to make the most of the powerful and intuitive energy that is Scorpio.

We have been living through extraordinarily challenging times which have helped us review our values and our thought processes but we can always depend on the energy of the New Moon which lights the way for us to manifest our intentions. Whatever plans you wish to put in place, remember that there is a need to be totally transparent in your dealings with others, engendering extremely deep interaction with those with whom you are in contact, empowering both yourself and others in the process. Whatever your plans, make them count in the best way possible. The Scorpio energy is a vital energy and one which honours and trusts heartfelt intentions.

Use the energy of the New Moon to take your first step in laying plans for a bright, new future. If you would like help and support in activating your intentions, please contact me for a New Moon Reading. Shine Brightly, Stevie xxx