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A New Moon in Aquarius Friday 24th January

With the Sun having entered Aquarius on 20th January, it’s now time for the start of a New Moon in this very progressive and hugely innovative sign. In astrology, the New Moon symbolises the start of something new – maybe a personal objective, a career ambition or anything to do with a fresh start.

Aquarius represents humanitarian issues, championing the underdog and inspiring the masses. This is an influence which is

Symbolised by the Water Carrier, influenced by the Element of Air and ruled by the Planets Uranus and Saturn. © Star Planners Astrology 2016.

Aquarius the Water Carrier

light years ahead and which is electrically wired to the needs of our society. Use this influence to help you think laterally; view things objectively and don’t be afraid to be the ‘non-conformist’, the seeker of change, the maverick and the reformer.

There is so much change happening at the moment – traditions being interrupted – who has ever known the celebrations for the Chinese New Year – the Year of the Rat, the first in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac – to be ‘cancelled’ as it is presently because of a deadly virus.

All around the world, collective action Star Planners Astrology

Collective Action

Mother Nature is making its presence well and truly felt at the moment around the World, with the raging fires in Australia having a much needed respite. I would like to think that our collective prayers helped encourage the rain to arrive, and we have had Iguanas falling frozen from trees in Florida because of the uncommonly cold climate it is experiencing currently.

The President of the United States is being impeached and we are leaving the European Union – massive changes are being brought about as we enter the Age of Aquarius – be prepared for new thinking, new processes and new accountability. We are at the Dawning of a new age of awareness and collective responsibility.

A New Moon in Aquarius Friday 24th January. Whatever you are personally looking to do in the weeks ahead, engage in futuristic thought processes; see how you can use diplomacy in achieving your unconventional goals and network to get your ideas out there and to meet like-minded people! Shine Brightly! Stevie xx