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Not only is the Sun in the zodiac sign of Taurus at the moment but we have a New Moon in Taurus on 4th May which heralds A New Beginning for us all.

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New Moon in Taurus

Sometimes it is really difficult to muster up the courage to start afresh, especially if things may have not gone to plan previously or if it feels that there are 101 things against your progress. The simple message here is to Have Faith! There is a New Moon on 4th May which heralds A New Beginning for us all!

Star Planners Astrology Taurus


The influence of Taurus will help us keep our feet firmly on the ground, to employ careful planning and to build on strong, solid foundations. The Taurus energy is steady and unhurried, highly productive and skilled at learning ‘the process’ thoroughly.

Taurus will help us see the reality of our situation and to ground our dreams, helping us to concretise our visions and make things happen in a practical, well thought-out manner. Just be careful to avoid procrastination; let go of anything that has been niggling you and move forward! Inertia leads to laziness which will scupper your hopes and dreams.

Take advantage of A New Beginning and make the most of this fantastic influence whilst it lasts.

Onwards and Upwards, Stevie xx