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A Fresh Start with New Moon in Pisces ~ on Saturday, 13th March the New Moon enters the zodiac sign Pisces ~ the Dreamer of Dreams. It’s time to get your Journals out and identify your most deeply held desires and visions for your future, both personal and business. Everything that you’ve dreamt about that you wish to manifest, needs prioritising now so that you know what needs to be put in place to achieve your most heartfelt dreams. You need to bring structure into your life; to ground your dreams, and to understand how you can make your dreams come true.

A Fresh Start with New Moon in Pisces

Pisces the Dreamer of Dreams

Pisces needs boundaries; and although it’s tempting to be all things to all people and to take on far more than you can deal with; it is essential that with the zodiac influence of Pisces that you introduce some discipline into your life so that your dreams don’t just remain ‘pie in the sky’. Learn to say “No” on occasion so that you can concentrate on yourself and your own plans rather than being of service to everyone else, all the time.

A Fresh Start with New Moon in Pisces ~ Make a list of your priorities and feel the huge rewards from sticking to your guns and manifesting your true desires, whether that’s in the relationships you have or the business ventures you dream of. The energy of Pisces is there to help.

Mercury enters Pisces

Mercury enters Pisces

A few days later, on Monday 15th March, Mercury the planet of Communications also enters Pisces where it stays until 3rd April. This will be a wonderful period of time to express your emotions about things you feel very deeply about ~ rethink your feelings about things that matter the most to you and take this wonderful opportunity to communicate with clarity and meaningfulness. Pisces is a Water sign; it is the last sign of the zodiac wheel and is used to clearing up other people’s mess and dealing with the mess of life ~ the “Saviour” of the Zodiac. In order for you to benefit from this influence, take time out to review your emotions and talk to others about your true feelings.

Shine Brightly with the support of the New Moon and Mercury in Pisces.
With Love and Light, Stevie xxx