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There is a Beautiful Full Moon in Cancer on 29th December. This is the last Full Moon of the year 2020 and with it will come some hope, some positive influences from its aspect with Uranus, and some long-awaited changes.

Full Moon in Cancer

Full Moon in Cancer

In astrology, the Full Moon represents the completion of what we have been working on – the culmination of our efforts. With the influence of Cancer this is going to have a bearing on our emotional security and safety but that doesn’t mean standing still – we are being encouraged to explore new territory.

A Beautiful Full Moon in Cancer – This is a highly intuitive and sensitive energy with a decent helping of creativity. So, if you have been spending the last few weeks reflecting on how you are going to make a project work then have faith in the ‘midwife’ of the Zodiac, Cancer, to help you give birth to it!

If you’ve been holding on to emotional experiences that are of no use to you anymore – let them go. It is time to develop your independence, your freedom and become emotionally more self sufficient and in the process, allow yourself to move on. Use the intensity of your emotions and intuition to overcome any challenges in your relationships. Any disharmony will become clear, so make sure you remove yourself from any negative energy.

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A Beautiful Full Moon in Cancer – The zodiac sign Cancer is ruled by the Moon which links us to our basic survival instincts and is how we nourish ourselves and feel at home. Enjoy the influence of the Full Moon in this protective sign. We may become more vulnerable in the process but with vulnerability comes creativity. Because of this Moon’s positive alignment with Uranus, explore new paths; engage your instinct and capitalise on the new opportunities that may come your way. Show how unique you are and create new ways of thinking and acting so that you may replace old habits with positive, creative solutions.

Shine Brightly and enjoy the last Full Moon of the year. With Love and Light, Stevie xx
PS – Remember to charge your gemstones under the light of this Beautiful Full Moon in Cancer!