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The 3 Ms – Mars, the Moon & Mercury!

What a busy weekend we’ve had up in the skies with the 3 Ms – Mars, the Moon & Mercury! On Friday Mars entered the sign of Taurus; tonight we have a Full Moon in Virgo and tomorrow Mercury enters Aries.

Mars enters Taurus

Mars is the planet which helps us to assert ourselves, to be courageous, dynamic and forceful. It’s a very honest influence, straight talking, strongly individual and energetic. It’s as fiery as its red colour and is the warrior not the wallflower. Mars in Taurus is a sensual, steady, unhurried and productive influence. This is all to do with knowing what you want and engaging patience and steady determination to get what your heart desires.

Full Moon in Virgo

The Full Moon in astrology marks the closing of a chapter; the completion of a task or project. Tonight’s Full Moon is in the discriminating, reserved and perfectionist zodiac sign Virgo. The Sun is in Virgo’s opposite sign of Pisces at the moment and this polarity represents self sacrifice and the need to uncover emotional blockages. Use the dedicated, extremely sensitive and tender influence of Virgo to heal any wounds, to take care of your physical body and to recognise the importance of purity, cleanliness and productivity.

Mercury in Aries

Mercury enters Aries on Monday 13th March. Aries gives birth to the vision and pioneers a process to make that vision a reality. This zodiac sign represents potency, fertility and vitality and linked with the planetary influence Mercury shows us that it’s time to communicate clearly what you want and when you want it! Mercury links the magic of words, actions and results; getting your message out there will be important and using warm-hearted assertion with bucket loads of energy and enthusiasm will be the way to do it.

Enjoy the beautiful Full Moon and the planetary influences that are happening now and if you would like to know more about Pragmatic Astrology take advantage of our Mad March promotion, details can be found here:

Until the next time, Stephanie x

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